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Article about baby sleep

Babies should wake through the night, new study finds

There is so much pressure and expectation on parents that their babies should be sleeping through the night. I would be rich if I had a dollar for everyone who asked me (especially when she was really young) whether Kaylee was a “good sleeper” or whether she was sleeping through the night – to which I would usually just laugh and say that she sleeps like a baby (aka not much!) It really is no wonder that there is such a huge incidence of pnd amongst mothers in western society, and desperate parents are pushed into “sleep training” under the mistaken belief that their child is not normal, or should not be waking over night. This could not be more wrong! The truth is that baby sleep develops over time. Some babies just naturally sleep for long periods (lucky parents!). Lots don’t. That’s okay. Kaylee was 3 months old before she managed to sleep for 3 hours in a row, and to this day she wakes multiple times a night at ten months old. Given the severity of her sleep apnoea, I am extremely grateful for this.


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