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Tongue and Lip Ties

Today we took Kaylee to see Dr Kestenburg at Coburg Dental, the top specialist for tongue and lip ties in Australia. He used a laser to cut the prominent ties that were affecting Kaylee’s tongue and upper lip. He assessed these ties as being obvious and significant.
Research shows that ties lead to problems not just with breastfeeding (which was ridiculously painful in the beginning and which is still slightly painful but manageable), but also can cause reflux (a major issue for Kaylee still), significant speech and dental issues, and may even be related to sleep apnoea (!!).

This is yet another case in Kaylee’s life of being let down by the many (over ten) health professionals who guaranteed me that Kaylee had no ties, which included assessments by lactation consultants. I knew that something wasn’t right, breastfeeding was very painful and Kaylee was spending over 12 hours out of every 24 breastfeeding, as she could not effectively use her tongue and upper lip to feed. Unfortunately despite mounting research and anecdotal evidence, the many health professionals refuse to update their knowledge and recognise that ties both exist and cause many problems when left untreated. In out case even professionals who understand ties were adamant that Kaylee did not have any ties, and as they are the experts, I believed them, until Kaylee’s assessment by a speech pathologist last month revealed ties. What a frustrating journey, and we are hopeful that Kaylee’s symptoms will now begin to improve.

You can read more about tongue and lip ties Here And Here.


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