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I don’t often post about breastfeeding, as these days it can be a contentious issue, and often social media posts about the benefits of breastfeeding are accused of trying to shame those who don’t breastfeed. That is not what I am about, and I am also not a fan of confrontation, so I usually keep quiet about how important breastfeeding is to Kaylee and I. Every family has to choose what is best for them ❤

The WHO recommend exclusive breastfeeding until six months of age, and continued breastfeeding until the age of two and beyond. New research is coming out everyday regarding the illnesses that can be prevented or minimised by breastfeeding, and the benefits to both mother and child. Breastmilk is now even used by cancer patients and body builders, with amazing effects. World Breastfeeding Week is necessary, as breastfeeding mums receive very poor support and information (often given damaging advice from health professionals who unfortunately aren’t actually trained in breastfeeding), that leads to only 15% of babies in Australia still being exclusively breastfed at six months of age.

I think that the fact that breastfeeding has most definitely not been easy is part of the reason that I am so passionate about it. I have had to fight to provide Kaylee with breastmilk, and breastfeeding is not very well understood in Australia. Society is very quick to tell mothers to “just give formula” everytime you hit a hurdle, and even medical professionals give advice which is based on their own opinions rather than science and research and best practice. I have sacrificed a lot to be able to breastfeed, to be able to give Kaylee what she needs. I am very lucky to have had fantastic support from family and friends, and access to information to make informed decisions. This has been vital, as finding correct breastfeeding information is difficult at the best of times. Breastfeeding a child with significant tongue and lip ties, laryngomalacia and severe reflux has not been easy, however it is something that I am very proud to be doing. Knowing that breastfeeding lessens Kaylee's sleep apnoea and helps her reflux has kept me going on the hardest days.

This is a link to one of my favourite articles on breastfeeding, and here is my favourite breastfeeding photo of Kaylee and I.

Taken by Tabbitha Cole Photography, at eight months old.

Taken by Tabbitha Cole Photography, at eight months old.


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  1. My daughter has laryngomalacia too. It was so refreshing to read about another mother who was able to breastfeed as well. It was a struggle for me too. Nursing her after her surgery was amazing! She finally had a stronger suck and latch. She will be two in March and we are still going strong. Nursing Ali has helped her stay healthier than I expected with a child that has an airway defect.


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