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My Husband

2015 Gratitude Challenge

Week 2 – Spouse/ Significant Other

The best way that I have to describe my husband is that he is my other half. Totally corny as it is, he completes me and balances me, and keeps me sane. He is my opposite in a lot of ways. I am somewhat high-strung while Ben is easy-going; he is accepting while I am critical; Ben is spontaneous while I like to research all options before making a decision. Ben is also always able to make me laugh, and is a very hard worker, qualities which I admire. Seeing him with Kaylee is lovely, as he is an amazing dad, always caring and loving while also being very much the “fun” parent!

Ben wearing Kaylee in our wrap.

Ben wearing four month old Kaylee in a wrap.

Oh our wedding day

On our wedding day


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